Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy

May be you showed the splendor and charm of Amalfi Coast on the movies or some pictures. Actually it is difficult to believe about the really existing of this paradise in the south of Italy, exactly on the Mediterranean coast!!
       In this post I'll show you how much Amalfi Coast deserves your visit? and why I considered it one of the best tourist site in the world.
1- A Beautiful encaustic painted by this Density house building:

2- Scene from this terrace is really amazing:

3- It's a coast from a dream world:

4- Special sunset:

5- Drive in this street are revive the human spirit:  

6- Lunch in front of this scene will stay in your memory forever:  

7- Fantastic bluing water:

8- Beautiful blue Boats: 

9- Green gardens with a charming beauty:

10- Old bridges linking the mountain sections:

11- Swimming in the most beautiful basins:

12- Houses from the myths world: 

13- Without comment "night <3 <3" 

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