5 Special informations about Paris

Everybody knows what the Paris word means!! Yeah, It's the capital of France, It's the city where's located the Eiffel Tower, It's the capital of Lights, It's absolutely you know more and more about this big city but also I’m sure that you don’t know a lot of things about it.

Today, in this post I will give you 5 special information will make you an expert in matters of the capital of France Paris.

01- Paris is divided into 20 neighborhood salary in the form of a snail. The helix is located in the center of the Louvre Museum. To facilitate the process of sending messages, it has been the development of a simple mechanism: 75001 is the zip code of the neighborhood first, and 75006 for the sixth district, and so forth

02- Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893) is a famous French author, Known for this author, He used to eat lunch at the restaurant located inside the Eiffel Tower, and the reason for this he wasn't like this Tower and He claimed that the only place in Paris where you can sit without seeing the Eiffel tower

03- In the year of 2012 Was detected a bronze statue expresses the "Bunt" of the legend Zinedine Zidan to the Italien player Materazzi in the final world cup 2006. The statue takes 5 meters of height is the artwork of Adil Abdesamad, and showing for the first time at the Museum of Modern Art, "Pompidou" in Paris, 

4- Jim Haynes is a British artist living in Paris, this artist keen on the call strangers have not known them at a dinner party regularly for more than 30 years, every week. If you are interested to be invited to this dinner with the idea of innovative and exotic, you have to register through this link, and read more about the story of this man hospitable

5- In 1911, Parisian tailor is jumped from the top of Eiffel Tower on backpack cloak (like Super man) he consider it two wings, it concluded adventure to suicide in front of a large crowd of onlookers. An autopsy after death showed that he died before touching the land from a heart attack.

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