Best swimming pools in world, you have to visit

It is known that one of attraction factors that take the great importance of the designers of hotels and resorts, are Swimming pools, Can not be distinguished if the hotel did not have a swimming pool on the exquisite design for add a special tourist dimension
10 swimming pools, which we advise you to visit it someday.

  01-    Sands Skypark swimming pools on the surface of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, in the 57th round of the most expensive building in the world ..

      02-      Swimming pool in the compound of the San Alfonso del Mar in the Olgouropo city in Chile, it is the largest swimming pool in the world, with about 1 km of the length, and an 81 km ² of area, it can accommodate 250 million liters of water drawn from the ocean, and reaches a depth of 35 meters at the fullest point.

      03-      Pond of The Library Resort Koh Samui in Thailand, Floor and walls of the swimming pools are tiled in red and this is what gives the red color of the water, 

      04-      Swimming pool complex Huphavin Fushi in the Maldives, the meeting of pond and ocean!

      05-      Pool Chedi in Muscat, Oman (for a 360-degree tour will take you to the charm of the place, click on the image)

click on the image

     06-      InterContinental Residence Dubai Festival City, pool terrace transparent to end!

       07-      Swimming pool in the resort of Singita Sasakwa Lodge in Tanzania on safari views ..

      08-      Y-40 Pond, located in Padua, Italy, is the deepest pool in the world, where up to a depth of 40 meters, and diving suit professionals as amateurs.

  09-      Bar Le Meridien Pyramids in Giza, Cairo Egypt .. The advantage of this lies in the pool overlooking the most famous tourist attractions in the entire world ...


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