Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy

May be you showed the splendor and charm of Amalfi Coast on the movies or some pictures. Actually it is difficult to believe about the really existing of this paradise in the south of Italy, exactly on the Mediterranean coast!!
       In this post I'll show you how much Amalfi Coast deserves your visit? and why I considered it one of the best tourist site in the world.
1- A Beautiful encaustic painted by this Density house building:

2- Scene from this terrace is really amazing:

3- It's a coast from a dream world:

4- Special sunset:

5- Drive in this street are revive the human spirit:  

6- Lunch in front of this scene will stay in your memory forever:  

7- Fantastic bluing water:

8- Beautiful blue Boats: 

9- Green gardens with a charming beauty:

10- Old bridges linking the mountain sections:

11- Swimming in the most beautiful basins:

12- Houses from the myths world: 

13- Without comment "night <3 <3" 

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Absolutely you will like it


Best swimming pools in world, you have to visit

It is known that one of attraction factors that take the great importance of the designers of hotels and resorts, are Swimming pools, Can not be distinguished if the hotel did not have a swimming pool on the exquisite design for add a special tourist dimension
10 swimming pools, which we advise you to visit it someday.

  01-    Sands Skypark swimming pools on the surface of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, in the 57th round of the most expensive building in the world ..

      02-      Swimming pool in the compound of the San Alfonso del Mar in the Olgouropo city in Chile, it is the largest swimming pool in the world, with about 1 km of the length, and an 81 km ² of area, it can accommodate 250 million liters of water drawn from the ocean, and reaches a depth of 35 meters at the fullest point.

      03-      Pond of The Library Resort Koh Samui in Thailand, Floor and walls of the swimming pools are tiled in red and this is what gives the red color of the water, 

      04-      Swimming pool complex Huphavin Fushi in the Maldives, the meeting of pond and ocean!

      05-      Pool Chedi in Muscat, Oman (for a 360-degree tour will take you to the charm of the place, click on the image)

click on the image

     06-      InterContinental Residence Dubai Festival City, pool terrace transparent to end!

       07-      Swimming pool in the resort of Singita Sasakwa Lodge in Tanzania on safari views ..

      08-      Y-40 Pond, located in Padua, Italy, is the deepest pool in the world, where up to a depth of 40 meters, and diving suit professionals as amateurs.

  09-      Bar Le Meridien Pyramids in Giza, Cairo Egypt .. The advantage of this lies in the pool overlooking the most famous tourist attractions in the entire world ...


10 Caves around the world take you to the depths of the earth charm

1- ice cave near the volcano Motnowski, Russia This snow cave consists of glaciers surrounding the volcano Motnowski in Russia, and consists of some vents that release heat and volcanic gases. Ice cave Prussia, Russia Photos 

2- Caves Alnaike mine, Mexico Caves Alnaike mine in Mexico is home to the largest crystal in the world, due to the depth and temperature of the crystal cave is not heard of tourists and visitors to enter. Cave mine Alnaike Mexico, Mexico Photos

3- missed the ice cave, ICELAND The cave is located in Vatnajokol glacier, the largest river ice in Europe. This consists of caves as a result of the melting of ice water, but it could be dangerous due to break or change glaciers. We missed the ice cave in Iceland.

4- caves of El Pato, Malaysia El Pato owners Caves in Malaysia are Altimoan, then inhabited by the Chinese and the British and climb droppings Taiorlospab agricultural, but today these are statues filling the caves open to visitors and tourists. Batu Cave, Malaysia

5- Ice Cave Minden Hall, USA This cave is part of the glacier ice Minden Hole River near Juneau, Alaska in the United States, has been chipping at this amazing cave after the thawing of glass water. Oscillating views of scientists about the survival of this cave or its removal due to the ceaseless modification in the glaciers. Minden ice cave Hall, USA

6- cave in the west, a Portugal West region in Portugal, where the cave is located in the region most vulnerable to various coastal formations because of the melting of the rock face in the water. Can be reached via water. Cave in West Portugal

7- Cave Siraj night in New Zealand Caves Siraj night in New Zealand, shelter insect unique Siraj on behalf of the night, this insect hanging shiny like silk strands from the ceiling of the cave and illuminate itself to attract prey. Cave Siraj night New Zealand

8- Tham Lod cave, Thailand River passes through developing Lang Tham Lod cave in northern Thailand, passing through the beautiful Bmnhdarath, which is home to hundreds of thousands of birds that have adapted to the Pacific with nature to spend most of her life in the caves. Tham Lod cave, Thailand

9- Cave, Sea Kyaok, Myanmar There is not much is known about the cave except for Sea Kyaok contains deportee Buddhist. Cave, Sea Kayak Myanmar

10- Allred Flute Cave, China Tourists visited Allred Flute Cave in Guangxi in China for more than 1,200 years. Includes the most beautiful cave stalactites and stalagmites, and consists of limestone with natural lighting multiple colors. Allred Flute Cave China

Enjoy... ^^

Pictures will convince you travel to Iceland


Maybe is Iceland don't haves Paris's romancy, London's diversity, or Istanbul's nobility, so thus may not it rank high on world tourism map, but this does not mean that Iceland is less beautiful than  above cities, especially when we talk about the amazing beauty of nature, and of course which is it not less than the beauty's nature in Switzerland, Maldives or Thailand.

The picturesque nature characterized by the island, and It is the second largest island in Europe after Britain, all that is because of Its geographical location,Where is located at the intersection of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Eurasian plate and the North America. This integration is the creation of a unique and rich nature. In Iceland we can find volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls and straits, this nature attracts photographers from all over the world.

(Click on the image for real size)

Now is the time of you put Iceland on the list "Places that I will visit someday..."
why? because you saw this photos ^^