Pictures will convince you travel to Iceland


Maybe is Iceland don't haves Paris's romancy, London's diversity, or Istanbul's nobility, so thus may not it rank high on world tourism map, but this does not mean that Iceland is less beautiful than  above cities, especially when we talk about the amazing beauty of nature, and of course which is it not less than the beauty's nature in Switzerland, Maldives or Thailand.

The picturesque nature characterized by the island, and It is the second largest island in Europe after Britain, all that is because of Its geographical location,Where is located at the intersection of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Eurasian plate and the North America. This integration is the creation of a unique and rich nature. In Iceland we can find volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls and straits, this nature attracts photographers from all over the world.

(Click on the image for real size)

Now is the time of you put Iceland on the list "Places that I will visit someday..."
why? because you saw this photos ^^


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