Best GPS and travel applications for Android phones

As long as you read this issue, you are undoubtedly one of the lovers of travel and adventure, and as long as you one of them absolutely you need some tools to help you to detect the locations where you want to go to them.
After a long time to search at the best Android applications can do this technical service,  I chose 3 applications, in my mind you don’t find better than it for help to do a very easy travel as the ways level.

With this app you can show world maps with a high quality, and the special advantage of it, that’s it can store the maps on the memory phone to use it if you haven’t mobile internet, It also gives you a guideline and do a signs voices.
This application, available just for 7 days to try, after that time you can buy per online payment or search in Mr google on a free version for life.

Copilot is an amazing and beautiful application, but is it not like the first app, this app is easy you will take you a lot of maps to download on your memory device without internet, also this application allows you to share your site through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus
This app is free for first map, after that you must to register.

Map Factor is a free app for Android devices, It is one of the best navigation applications and maps,  Reviewing a large number of maps for many countries around the world and offers audio warnings, such as the others navigation applications, also it supports other modes of 2 and 3D, the special advantage of this application is warnings of speeding during a walk in the city and also warns you of the Camera Surveillances and you can select the favorite places near of you like restaurants and things like this. 

If you like one of these apps and you decide to use it
Please share your choice with us


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